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Just thought I would Give some suggestions since there is nothing here yet.
Episode Mode Runs:
-All Episodes (Beat Every Episode including Tutorial)
-All Episodes 100% (100% every episode)
Tactics Mode
-Character Combo Challenges (Individual Runs for Each Character)
-Character Combos 100% (Every characters combo challenge)
-Missions 100% (Complete every Mission in the game)

It sucks there is no Arcade Mode in this game since that is the most common speedrun in Fighting games. If we want to create a custom Speedrun like an Arcade we could do a Survival Speedrun where the goal is getting 10 wins similar to an arcade mode. From experience as a Dragon Ball FighterZ mod the individual challenges are the most popular speedruns to do other than the shortest Arcade Mode run.

If you need any help with modding on this specific game let me know and I can help setting up all the categories and getting runs started for each.


We're fine when it comes to modding. We are attempting to figure out what can be speedran with this game due to the embargo which limits uploading close to 90% of the material.

Thanks for the interest.