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Hey I was wondering if it's possible to get this game to register under multiple game series besides BlazBlue since this is a crossover & potentially bring in a few Mod representatives of the Speedrun Communities that each have a series featured in the crossover game such as UNIEL & Shin Megami Tensei/The Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax as side Mods?

I ask of this because as many of you know "BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle" is indeed a Crossover Game at the foremost rather than a standard BlazBlue affair representing multiple other franchises such as Persona 4 Area/Ultimax & Under Night In-Birth plus considering that the game has a big scope with it getting simultaneous releases on PS4, Switch, and PC.

I feel as though the Communities of each of the Games featured within this crossover should be able to come together and be able to figure out concise Rules & Categories for this game that each of the series represented in the crossover can agree upon due to the fact that after checking each of the Standard Speedrun Rules usually featured for a BlazBlue, a UNIEL, or a Persona Fighter there's actually a few discrepancies between them.

Since this game brings in each of the Speedrun Communities of the franchises represented in the crossover I think the Rules & Run Categories should be something that's universally agreed upon that everyone can agree with.


I appreciate your interest, but I see no real reason to bring in extra help at this point. Your own series section UNIEL has only a single run. P4 Arena is practically dead also. I feel at this point I can easily handle this alone as this is ultimately a BlazBlue overarching game despite the inclusions of the other games and with how little traction this will probably get I do not think we need to clutter this with more politics.

In regards to your rules comment. These rules have been certified by a admin as acceptable and the preferred choice of the community albeit against what I wished but the admins of required that I remove any conditioners as a timer mandatory in vods like the rules in UNIEL and Ultimax set out. I personally would've liked to have timers be mandatory but the admins and runners argued that not everyone has capture cards or the equipment to put timers into their videos if they upload directly from their consoles or computers too weak to do video processing. Secondly your games vary VASTLY differently to Blazblue and how the story modes and arcade modes are set out typically and there are plans to add those categories along with time attack which not all ArcSys games have and the mechanics vary.

If we need more mods, I will choose people interested and ultimately active in the Blazblue community before bringing in others from other series as their commitment has been shown with multiple run submissions.

Again I appreciate your interest but unless this blows up where we are getting hundreds upon hundreds of submissions I see no need to bring other people in as it is more than handled.