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Hello I deleted my old video to try to solve the sound problem and reuploadded a new one. Do I have to make a new submission since it is exactly the same? Youtube doesn't like FusionFX I try with Bizhawk next time I think. here is here you can find the new video. Thanks for your answers.

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If you mean that it's the same run and are just trying to fix a sound issue with the video then you can go into your profile and edit your run which would change the video URL so you don't need to submit a new run.


Thanks for your answers. I didn't think about that trick GoodieShoes. Fortunately NerdyNester has my back. TheManaLord I love these sounds too but if you pay attention you'll notice thatt the sounds like the wizard firing or enemies dying are heard too soon.

I keep trying these cursed Barbarian runs but I keep on dying.

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