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Forum: New Super Marisa Land

Thread: Framerate rulings

Started by: gotonisgotonis

Now I'm even more confused SabaPing


Forum: New Super Marisa Land

Thread: Framerate rulings

Started by: gotonisgotonis

Easiest way to check game speed is to just let the in-game timer run and use that as a point of comparison. For example, here's a video I made a while back on Win10 (standard 60hz monitor):

I'm not sure if monitor refresh rate influences game speed, but much like other Tasofro games, NSML is a victim of OS-influenced speed. From my tests, Win10 runs the game slower than Win7, and every run with a video on these leaderboards seems to have been done on Win7 aside for yours gotonis. If you compare your in-game timer with anyone else's side by side you'll probably notice something odd.

I've been meaning to open up this discussion for a while now (I've already discussed this with someone else from the community), but was trying to come up with a potential solution here first. One of the issues is that frame rate display programs on Win7 and Win10 seem to both show 60 FPS despite the fact that the two instances are running at clearly different speeds, so it's hard to determine the actual difference.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Christmas Edition

Started by: Ribb95Ribb95

Merry Christmas! No.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: New 7-1 strat by Darbian

Started by: garadas21garadas21

Nice, I had to watch a bit more of the full vod since the clip doesn't seem to capture his best attempts at this, but given sparky position it looks like this can save as much as a third of a second compared to the usual strat done by top runners.

Speaking of 7-1, and excuse me for hijacking the thread, there's another time saver here that currently doesn't exist in any runs on the leaderboard. Rockets blast off every 64 frames (so they're also on a frame rule), and a while back RetroBob figured out a way to reach a faster 7-1 rocket cycle in real time:

I believe this faster rocket hasn't been documented anywhere outside of Discord so I felt the need to include it here.

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Forum: StarCraft

Thread: Level category for pre 1.16 vote

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

I'm actually a big fan of the current setup where everything is consolidated into a single LB with a column for version. Is it possible to have the filter for version be an inequality (e.g. <1.16 and >=1.16)? Right now it looks like you can only filter for individual versions which is inconvenient for anyone who wants to view the LB in a way that boils down to "any%" vs. "glitchless".


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Integrity of "All Levels"

Started by: bjwbjw

I just formally added the line "Warp vases and Mouser skip are banned." to the NES All Levels rule set. Runs already on the LB with Mouser skip will be grandfathered in.

I meant to add this ages ago but I guess I forgot..


Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: Intro Text Skip??

Started by: KavMasterKavMaster

Judging from your health/energy, it looks like you already beat Kazakh and saw the next cutscene as well, so I'm guessing you died in Australia but forgot to reset.

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Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: Removing milliseconds from records concern

Started by: Mr_MagnificentMr_Magnificent

I'm not going to write an essay here on my phone while at AGDQ, but I support including milliseconds for "top" runs (based on whatever arbitrary threshold is picked) provided runs are properly frame counted. As mentioned in the other thread, taking the milliseconds from a manually controlled timer is not accurate and ultimately negatively impacts leaderboard integrity.

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Forum: Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Thread: Is retexture patch allowed?

Started by: NiceStickmanNiceStickman

I'd actually vote to disallow this. The issue here is simply the fact that the retexture patch adds a visible hitbox when focusing, something that is missing from the original game and as a result creates an advantage.

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Forum: Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith

Thread: New time start proposal

Started by: bjwbjw

Looks like series mod doesn't disseminate mod status to games within the series, can't edit anything on this page lol


Forum: Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith

Thread: New time start proposal

Started by: bjwbjw

Can I have series mod then? I can make the changes for this game as well as adjust the rules for the rest where applicable. I'd also like to retime a handful of runs.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Timing and loads

Started by: bjwbjw

The following 3 versions were analyzed via FCEUX 2.2.3:

NTSC-U PRG1 (alternatively, "Revision A")

For reference, the NES NTSC framerate = 60.098813897441

In all 3 versions, the first frame of input to the character select screen appearing takes exactly 12 frames, or roughly 0.19967 seconds. With that said, if you record your runs at 60 FPS then feel free to find the first frame in which the "Please Select Player" screen appears, and then subtract frames accordingly. Lower framerates should be avoided if possible (for example, if you record at 30 FPS then there's a chance the first frame of character select would have been the second frame at 60 FPS, thus subtracting the amount of time detailed above results in a frame erroneously saved).

PRG1 and NTSC-J have slower loads between stages involving either doors or eagle heads. Exactly 1 frame is lost compared to PRG0 in each of these instances. Eagle heads that lead to different rooms within stages have no difference (e.g. 1-3 eagle head to Mouser), and the same is true for doors. No differences seem to exist for warp vases.

For end timing, I suggest we simply use the first frame the screen turns solid blue upon entering the final door.

Images for reference:

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Forum: Rosenkreuzstilette

Thread: Questions about some mecanics.

Started by: Yami9999Yami9999

Slides are rhythmically timed and are easiest described as being "3 times per second". The Steam and non-Steam releases are effectively the same (someone can correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe Steam to be equivalent to 1.06b).

Grolla's difficult, it's natural for her to leap towards you. My best recommendation is to close the gap yourself -- get closer to her so that if she chooses to leap at you, you have some breathing room behind you rather than instantly being pressed against the wall.


Forum: Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith

Thread: New time start proposal

Started by: bjwbjw

Right now for competitive/close runs, the following timing method is used:

"Times that are very close to first will be timed from first frame after the loading text disappears to first frame of final spellcard bonus text (removes loading and is more precise"

The loading text fades away in an awkward manner to the point where it blends in with the background, thus making it difficult to pinpoint the exact frame it disappears in full. I'm suggesting time start simply on the frame the player character appears.

New start:
Same End:

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Forum: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Thread: Run Timing/SDA

Started by: RoxRox

SDA timing is from gaining control of Mario in Bowser's Keep to last hit on Smithy 2.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: New glitch found that ruined world record pase speedrun

Started by: LoanSharkJoe

I've run into this before, and I'm sure quite a few other SMB2 runners have as well. This is a result of how certain objects behave when landing on ground (or what the game believes to be ground). Similar to a mushroom block, potion doors can only spawn on complete tiles and not between tiles, so they snap around to the closest tile they can based on where the potion lands. For this specific scenario, the potion is landing on the vase (solid ground), but so far to the left that the door also snaps to the left and ends up floating in midair.


Forum: Cave Story

Thread: Non PC runs

Started by: alkaline_icealkaline_ice

Yeah, original PC Cave Story is significantly different from its various rereleases, CS+, and CS3D. I don't know much about all of the different versions, but I imagine all (or most) of the CS+ releases can be grouped together in a single leaderboard. CS3D should likely be its own thing.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Integrity of "All Levels"

Started by: bjwbjw

Discussion stopped here about 3 weeks ago and so far everyone participating seems to be in favor of the proposed change. I'll give this a few more days for anyone else to come out of lurking, otherwise I'll write in new rules for the leaderboard.