This is so both of you see this and we can talk about it if needed.

I'm sorry I completely botched it on retiming Sm_Izumi's run. I subtracted the time from the 35 he posted as his time and not his final time on the timer. It was late when I did it and I was getting off a long shift at work. Neither one of us noticed my mistake.

Also Destroying Sanity you could have just PM me about it or even made a topic in the forum.

Edit: Also either of you know if I can give one of you SuperMod status for this game? Honestly, I don't speedrun this game anymore and I don't see myself coming back to it anytime soon. And after this little debacle I really just don't want to be the only one varfying runs of this game anymore. Especially if this becomes like what it did when I was running this game of the record changing hands every day or so.


LOL this terrible debacle ! xD I'll fix it on my video.
It is fine, it's not like S.M games are crazy hardcore (damn mfw my name match this game totally par pure luck)
It's only a super mod that can do that in the option edit if i remember.

I should have done other runs on genesis version but right now i'm preparing arcade and all the other games

The things that should change thou' would be the title of the categories, Any% is not accurate in these games, cause you basically finish the game normally, just put the difficulty name is enough then delete mercury misc cat' cause if you go that territory you'll have to put a category per scout or just do like R who let you select which scout you played in the board and mix all together.


Lol, what the heck was I doing last night? Did I get drunk or something what the heck is this melodramatic post. My god, I must have been exhausted. Ignore what I said at the end there I don't want to stop being a mod on this game, while I likely won't run it again I might come back at some point.

The only reason I have the Mercury category is because she sucks really bad and she is my favorite Senshi so I wanted an excuse to have her on the leaderboard. Again I thought this was just going to be me running this game at the time so I didn't care much. However, I could delete it since it is basically unnecessary.