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Yo, I found this while playing around.
I can only get it to work on PAL Gamecube version.
Anyone seen this before?

Would be cool if this works on other platforms too.
Have only tested on the NTSC and PAL versions for Gamecube.

The key to the trick is to walk into the wall and nudge the camera slightly toward the Mata-Nui statues until you get the perfect angle.


Well, I just went through PAL PS2, NTSC PS2, PAL Xbox and PC. Doesn't work on any, so no fucking wonder nobody ever found this.


Insane find!! I'm going to test it out on GameCube NTSC tonight


It works on NTSC GCN. I only got it 2 or 3 times in about an hour though

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Its the PAL Gamecube version its easy on. Destiel didnt get it too work on PS2, but maybe it's similar to the NTSC Gamecube then. 3 successful attempts over an hour is pretty bad.
I have gotten throught the wall by bouncing of the rocks to the left as well, but this seems even more inconsistent. Maybe its more doable on NTSC?


I did it with the left rocks too. I didn't try it as much but I did get it once (wasn't expecting it to work though and fell oob)


thanks for the reply, i gonna try it out on the GCN 😜


Sorry for the lack of update, I tried it out on GCN NTSC and had similar results to Torp, fell through a few times in an hour and couldn't get to the corridor. Here's a clip of it working:

I also tried it on PS2 for fun but the hitboxes on the rocks seem to be larger and you can't even get in between them like you can in GCN.


I was playing around with the PC version of the game, the regular Tahu skip seems imposible, but the the hill left to the Mata Nui statues intriguied me. After walking up and down it for 30min i fell trough the cracks and was able to maneuver over to the killzone that spawns you at the bohrok fight.
I wasn't able to recreate it, but I havent tested that much either. It looks like it should be possible to fall through near the top of the hill aswell but I didnt get that to work.

Maybe this technique is more doable on the platforms that can't do the Tahu skip as consistent as PAL Gamecube? I might test this more out on PC and maybe on NTSC aswell as PAL Gamecube in the future.