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1. Why is the background the Toa Metru, when this game takes place on Mata Nui?

2. This game wasn't released on Wii, but it was on PC. Could you change that?

3. I want to learn this game for the 12 hour challenge next week. Is there anything I should know going into it, or anything that would help me learn?

4. There's a Bionicle Speedrunning discord - it's pretty much just used for Bionicle Heroes at the moment, but this game could join if you would like.


1. Dude I don't fucking know, the mod for these boards is some irrelevant guy that refuses to put in the slightest modicum of effort.

2. It wasn't, but it is playable on Wii due to backwards compatibility. Though why this was ignored for PS3 and X360 is beyond me. So, I dunno, basically, see above.

3. The game is extremely simple and the only things that really require explanation, in my opinion, are the things that are RNG, and the explanation for those is that it's RNG.

4. Might as well I guess.