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I've found a better way too skip the boulder in Ga-Wahi.
By going into the crevise next to the boat and mashing Y (faster swimming) you clip straight through the wall. No need for the finicky walking perfeclty off the ledge method anymore.

I managed to hit the Bohrok in Ta-Wahi twice in the start of the battle too!
Never seen before, will definatly save some headaches fighting the Bohrok. 🙂

I havent tested any of these tricks on any other version of the game, so I dont now if they are version specific (similar to the OoB skip in Ta-Wahi).

This might be RNG placebo but I have a theory that walking left to intercept the Bohrok helps them become voulnerable faster. Bohroks usually roll counterclockwise, and when you walk towards where they are rolling too they decide to stop and attempt to attack. Not sure if anyone agrees, maybe Im just lucky.

I also ran into the end of Le-Wahi not loading, has anyone seen this before?

This killed my run, but maybe there would be a way too go OoB before the Gukko bird so you could just walk around that part of the level? If possible it might be faster, idk.


I managed to skip the second door cutscene on Gali's level.
I have no idea how, but if its possible to replicate it will save a couple of seconds.
Maybe also doable on the first door?