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Started by: FenwickFenwick

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Hey there,

I just submitted runs for dm and assault. I may run a few other categories. I played ut99 online from 2007ish-2014ish and was a part of a few different online communities. I still hop on an instagib or bt server every now and then.

Everything NotBaDocha said is true. If people run it with the GOTY edition, they are doing different maps in certain categories, and more maps in certain categories. Times will be very different. There also seems to be discrepancy on start and stop times as well.

Load times are affected randomly as i've met people with better pc setups then mine that load the game slower than me and vice versa. In-game times and separate categories would probably be the best bet although the timer is limited to seconds, and it rounds it off if you land in between. Plus, nearly everyone who has ran the game so far has done it in real time. However, if more people were to run it, especially in the shorter categories like assault, you will come to find that the varying load times may have a large impact on the overall real time, which technically, wouldn't be fair. I guess this would be more of an issue if a few people really grinded this game out. To be specific, I'm not talking about the menu inbetween maps. I'm talking about how long it takes a map to end after you complete the final objective (like the final frag in dm) and how long it can take a map to load after you have selected it from the menu. Normally the latter is consistent and the former is inconsistent.

Unless there is some way to tweak the game to make the load times even. I only played the ladder once or twice before I decided to try to run the game, so I haven't really experimented with the ladder much.

Just my two cents. I'll continue to submit runs regardless of whats decided here.