Setting up autosplitting for bomberman hero

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In this guide I will show you how to setup an autosplitting program for Bomberman Hero Any%.



Why use an autosplitter?

This run has over 60 individual levels and it's common for runners to split after each level. Although some levels are hard to do consistently, there are several levels that are very straight forward where you can expect to play very near your best segment on almost every attempt. On these splits it is not unusual for the variance to come mostly from the menuing or how quickly you cancel a cutscene. These variances amounts to small fractions of a second, roughly the same amounts by which a split may vary due to simply splitting at the wrong time.


What do you need?

This is what you need to have it setup like I do, but you can probably do this without amarec or manycam for example.

• Autosplit Helper by Image v1.26
• Amarec
• ManyCam
• Livesplit

Download from this link: (note: it's a Japanese website). You can probably get this working for v1.27 as well but I found v1.26 easier to use. The password for the zip file is popo.

Note: v1.26 comes with an RGB and an OpenCV variants. We will be using the OpenCV version which requires sending your capcard footage to the program via a virtual webcam (ManyCam).


Setting up

Set up your capture card up with Amarec and enable AmarecLive. This is probably a good idea even if you don't want to use the autosplitter, the settings in this guide should be good: (this is was made for people using gv-usb2, but the part about setting up Amarec applies more generally).

Now install ManyCam, and send your Amarec live feed to it.

It should look something like this:

Set the resolution to 480p, and zoom all the way out. Go into ManyCam settings and set it to 30 FPS:

ManyCam is essentially a middle man sending the amarec feed to the autosplitter, so it's likely possible to cut out ManyCam, but I kept running into issues so it's kind of a necessary evil.

Next, open the OpenCV version of the AutoSplit Helper. See this document for general use:

Create a new profile and call it "Bomberman Hero" or something similar. Fill out your settings similar to this window:

Create the "Split" row but leave the columns to the right of the name blank for now, the program will fill this out automatically. Click "Connect" then highlight the "Split" row and click the "Preview/Get" button:

Now you should see your capture feed. We want to grab the image that will be used for splitting, so go to the end of any level and step into the end level trigger. Before the actual score appears, click on "Capture":

Select this portion of the end level screen:

We want to split when the score appears on the score screen, we do this by means of an timing offset. The "score" appears a set time after the end level fadeout, regardless of the "yatta" animation (bomberjet, snowboard, louie, etc). Now we edit the "Split" row:

• Snd - set 'Reset' to 0 since we aren't interested in auto resetting, set 'Split' to 1
• Key - set to 0, this means the autosplitter will send the hotkey you have set for splitting
• Thr. - this is the threshold we use, so we split when there's a >90% match
• Sleep - set to 10s, this is so you don't double split
• T - set to '1', this tells the autosplitter to send it with a delay
• Delay - set to 1600ms, this is how long the autosplitter waits
• Loop - select this box, and set the number to 62

You don't have to mess with anything to the right of these columns, although you maybe want to check to make sure the delay offset works for your setup. I'd recommend recording a video like the following to ensure that it's splitting correctly and adjusting the ms in the 'Delay' column accordingly. Frame advancing the video is helpful here:


This guide leaves out a lot about using the autosplitting program so feel free to contact me on discord or twitter if you have any questions. Once you get this setup it's reliable and easy to use.