This is the thread to talk about possible time-savers/glitches/routing that we may have found.


This doesn't really save much time, but it does make 100% easier:

Damage +10%, Damage +15%, One Heart Mode and 8 diamonds is enough to get a 1 star rank on Akron. Matt + Holy Swords shreds through most of the patterns without much dodging required.

My approach was to perfect waves 1-7 (with 5 and 7 being trouble spots), bomb wave 8 if a burst goes off near me, capture 9 and bomb 10 if I have any bombs left at this point. Waves 11 and 12 are both doable for me, albeit with some difficulty, so messing up on wave 5 or 7 isn't instantly fatal to the attempt. After a few A ranks from getting 7 diamonds, I finally got the main part of the fight correct and went on to clear wave 11, and wave 12 my first time ever facing it for a 2 star rank and global 14th.

Still tough to star Akron on Heavenly, but that's way easier than needing 7 diamonds with no cheats/handicaps.


i've created a basic guide for anyone interested in getting up to speed with the current runs.


that includes most the new strategies i can think of (the important ones at least)

routing for this game is complex, and i will likely be working for quite a while before i'm happy with my routes

if anyone needs help with anything in regards to this game, feel free to contact me


Wait, why is skipping 1-1 with data from a previous save not NG+? I've played other games with cases of data not clearing properly (Spyro 2 with the infinite fireball powerup being possible to get onto a new file, Super Mario 63 can also use a deleted save to skip a boss) and neither of these are allowed in their respective non-NG+ categories.

Put another way- NG+ is anything you can't do from a fresh save. It just so happens that this game has a stronger NG+ in replaying levels on a finished save, but using data from a deleted save is still using data from another save and so NG+, yes?

Also, resetting medals during the run to get their rewards again is brilliant.


ya that makes sense. it's not like skipping 1-1 is super interesting anyways.

i didn't really think about that since intuitively my brain told me resetting progress items and medals counts a a new file, and it's funny cause in NG+ selecting wave 1 is what felt natural lol

i don't think it should be allowed in either category. we can make the rule change now or in a couple days after i update my runs to follow the rule

i think there should probably be a line in the rules mentioning that you also need to select wave 1... do you have an idea on a good way to word that?