Any% in 48m 00s 678ms by kmrdkmrd - 1st place

Can be improved, but good enough for now ?

Played on PlayStation 2 [USA] on

Submitted by kmrdkmrd on

Verified by rskillerrskiller on


Name Duration Finished at
Rat Quest 2m 47s 055ms 2m 47s 055ms
BC Skip 3m 25s 370ms 6m 12s 425ms
C/G Skip 4m 28s 630ms 10m 41s 055ms
Beholder 1m 11s 559ms 11m 52s 614ms
WW Skip 1m 44s 161ms 13m 36s 775ms
Torch 4m 01s 763ms 17m 38s 538ms
Flint 1m 54s 612ms 19m 33s 150ms
Oil 1m 32s 151ms 21m 05s 301ms
Tower Lit 1m 35s 544ms 22m 40s 845ms
The Mines 5m 37s 839ms 28m 18s 684ms
Ciraxis 4m 34s 207ms 32m 52s 891ms
Sess'sth 6m 21s 736ms 39m 14s 627ms
Eldrith 8m 45s 927ms 48m 00s 554ms
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