Extension Board Guide

By SHiFTSHiFT Last updated

The main leaderboard's organization is as follows:

[core categories (minimalist, completionist)] - [mechanic alteration categories]

Core categories include Any% and 100%. These categories, regardless of how the way we play changes, should not be redefined. Any% is minimalist, 100% is completionist.

Mechanic alteration categories, for lack of better term, alter the game by restricting or allowing a core mechanic to invent a different objective rather than simply restricting Any%. For example, NG+ allows cruise boosting from the start, and Switchless disallows character switching. These routes diverge too far from Any% to be considered routing alterations from the core category.


On the extension boards, the placements of tabs are intended to follow this precedent. Legacy Any% being first as all legacy-type categories have in the past (No CB/SG, No SBA prior to the discoveries of 2020). What defines a category as being "legacy?" If a category is created to ban a trick (or tricks) that fundamentally changed the game past a certain point in time, it is a legacy category. For example, No CB/SG in 2016 was considered a legacy category due to its banning of the 2 major tech discoveries from 2014 to 2016. In today's climate, after having discovered L-bowls, SBA, VMS etc in 2018 and onward, No CB/SG would no longer be considered a legacy category. It would now be considered a restricted run, as it restricts its tricks based on arbitrary choice based on no era of the game's history.

To replace 100% on the extension boards, this completionist run's void is filled by partial completionist categories: All Level Spatulas and All Socks. Pretty straightforward.

The next three categories are organized based on the placements of the mechanic alteration runs: NG+, Warpless and Switchless. These are the completionist versions of these main board runs.

After this, we have the arbitrary restriction runs. These restrictions are based on no era of the game's history, but rather a challenge to see how quickly the game can be beaten with a certain strategy banned. Again, what differentiates these categories from a legacy category is the arbitrary nature of allowing a trick found in 2016 or 2018, while still allowing tricks from 2020. To clarify further, there is room for more than one legacy run. If there is interest in another legacy run with a clear definition, we can arrange for adding another. Currently, the only legacy category reflects the 2018 meta for Any%. Legacy categories for runs other than Any% are welcomes as well, as long as people have invested time into running and routing them.

Finally, we have the cheat runs at the end. And in the misc tab, runs with unconventional start and finish times... or just memes.

Hopefully this clarifies the logic behind the organization of the extension boards.