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This may be a very unpopular opinion in this community but I was checking the rehydrated leaderboards and to make a fair playing field they cut out loading times. Why don't we do the same here to open up the emulator community? I know all of you pro gamers already have 5 original xbox's on deck but lets be honest the easiest way to get into this game is through emulation but its a lost cause to go for even a top 10 because of the poop load times (not even mentioning l clipping on emu being banned). I believe that by xbox being the only way to run the game at an elite level is kind of killing the game when their is 3 other consoles and an emu that could bring in more accessibility.


nah, this is a pretty big question but it fucks the boards up forever. the reason rehydrated can do it is because its a PC game and its easy to calculate when its loading


Well, since BfBB Is not a PC game you can't just cut out loads because from my understanding load removers check for memory usage/changes. and on another note you can not lag clip on dolphin unless you are using a toaster as a PC which makes it very unfair for other players.


Cutting out loads in rehydrated makes an even playing field because load times depend on individual PC hardware. By contrast console hardware is more unified, with only a few differences that can impact the run, like the disc drive. Load removal is unnecessary for BfBB because the loads are consistent and a disc drive in good health will perform the same as any other disc drive of that type.

I don't understand your argument about emulation. We allow emulators on the board. Right now that only includes Dolphin as other emulators are not accurate enough. Dolphin properly emulates the GameCube's disc drive and because of that load times on dolphin match those of a real GameCube.

Additionally, removing loads has some negatives:
1) Requires a good quality capture card.
2) Requires a good computer to monitor that video feed and perform the relevant computations on it.
3) More than just load times are different with faster disc drives. Lag clips are the most obvious example of this, with some becoming currently not RTA viable with the fastest disc drives. If loads were to be removed you could simply play on the slowest xboxes with no time penalty, enjoy easier gameplay, and be able to some strats not possible on the faster xboxes. This artificially lowers the skill ceiling and creates an opportunity to save more time than should be possible.
4) There is very little work into video based autosplitters for BfBB at the moment. It is still an open question on how loads could be reliably and accurately removed in the first place.

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