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As the title says, why is Dolphin the only emulator that can be used to run the game? PCSX2, at least for me (but this isn't about me, but whatever), is just as good as Dolphin and easier to configure and use. There's probably something that I don't know that the community does, which in that case, I'd really appreciate if someone could enlighten me.


PCSX2 is a very unstable emulator on low end PCs. Therefore it is banned.


PCSX2 doesn't do a great job at accurately emulating the PS2 version of the game. The loading times are much faster than they should be. Since it isn't accurate, it isn't allowed for submissions.

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I did notice the unmissable difference between the load times. Thanks for explaining.


Hako! Sorry to bother you but I can’t message quite yet and really need an answer to a forum I posted on FNAF VR Help Wanted. Please check it out for me! Again, sorry


That is such a random comment lol


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@JBHJJBHJ it also goes too fast in small rooms like patricks rock and or squidward's tiki (it says 150% speed tf)