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Hey all,
I've only speedrun Super Mario 64, but I'm very interested in speedrunning this game. I have an XBOX Halo Edition (the translucent green one), and I heard that there is a specific type of XBOX that loads BFBB really fast. Is this one of those XBOXes? If it's not, it's not that big of a deal, but it would be good to get some info about my console before I start speedrunning. Thanks!


The color of the console's shell doesn't affect load times. Xboxes from 2004-2005 typically load fastest, but 2003 is usually fine.

You should join the BfBB community server to ask questions btw. Few people read the speedrun.com forums.

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Thanks! I was just trying to better specify the type of XBOX lol. And will do!

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