Just trying to reach SHiFT. I saw on my profile that some of my runs have been submitted twice, and you rejected two of them for being the same run, of course which makes sense. But I just wanted to let you know that I'm not doing that, like I'm only submitting it once, but for some reason, it keeps duplicating itself. Like this is the second time I've submitted a run for this game, and it's duplicated it. I have no idea why that's happening, but I just wanted you to know that it's not me that's submitting the same run twice, it's just glitching and for some reason creating two.

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One was verified, the other was rejected.


No I know, I just wanted you to know that's it's not me submitting the same run twice. Like SRC is doing that on its own. I submit it once, but for some reason two appear in my pending runs.


Sorry, that's only happened once with this game, the other time this happened to me was a SMS run.


Don't worry about it man, try to take care of it if you see it happen but it's not a big deal.