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Hey Guys, couple of announcements

Changed 100% to All stars in full-game runs because the rules mention only filling the max star requirement and nothing about field tasks or medals. We decided a truly 100% category would be an intense grind so for the meantime until someone submits a run of All Stars I think we can hold off on adding 100%.

Another note since ILs have been added it should be noted that you do NOT need to start from a fresh file to do an attempt of the level. There are no rules mentioned in the categories so we will consider this post to be the official announcement that upgraded profiles are allowed for ILs. This way they can be faster, and faster is better.

Best of luck,


Ps. Careful to not crash the game during full game runs. I made a small guide on how to avoid them in the ps2/xbox versions.


Great, I agree with all of the above, also great tip on the game crashing I had no idea. I am sure it was a pain to figure that gem out!
Keep up the good work 🙂