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Big 20 Race #2 happens May 2nd at 1pm EDT (7pm CEST).
Watch it live on where we'll be restreaming some of the players and doing commentary.

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The rules and the ROMs are posted on our web site:

1. Donkey Kong Jr
2. Balloon Fight (beat stage 12)
3. Tennis (win 1 set, comp level 3)
4. Arkanoid (beat round 2)
5. Jaws
6. Circus Charlie
7. Bram Stoker's Dracula (easy)
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (level 2)
9. Renegade (easy)
10. Fire n Ice (worlds 1 to 3)
11. Strider
12. Trojan
13. DuckTales 2 (easy)
14. Mickey Mousecapade
15. Gun.Smoke (stages 1 to 4)
16. Karnov
17. Joe & Mac
18. Bucky O'Hare (beat the 4 planets)
19. Castlevania
20. The Legend Of Zelda (get magical sword)

You can use this thread to talk about the race, ask questions, give feedback, and share advice with the players.


thinking of learning castlevania first maybe, since its one of the harder games on the list i think

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Routing Zelda 1 at the moment, trying to find a good way to do 12 hearts safely and easily. But learning CV1 as second game for sure.


Just made a quick Fire' n Ice World 1-3 tutorial if anyone is interested:


heres a pastebin for strider zips (route probaly outdated)

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If you miss the win on the first set in tennis you just go until you win a set?

EDIT: Just ignore this stupid post! Got my answers when i looked for them 🙂


In Tennis if you lose the first set, you can keep playing until you win a set. You can also reset at any time.

The goal has been reworded to "Win 1 set" instead of "Win the first set"


Is the "DATABUNNY" code for infinite lives on Joe & Mac allowed?


About Bucky O' Hare....What do you mean "no death warp allowed" ? Are you saying we're not allow to use continue?


no codes for joe & mac if u game over restart
death warps is that u can die on certain spots in the game and skip almost the whole level, continue is allowed

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another note about tennis - winning 6 games only wins a set if your opponent has won fewer than 5 games in that set. Basically, you need to win at least 6 games AND win 2 more games than your opponent.

For similar reasons to time ending on Mario saying TKO in MTPO last race, I suggest time ending when the scoreboard is displayed and flashing all symbols for the current set (indicating that the set is over).


Well that's normal tennis rule. If it's 6:5 you have to win with 2 sets lead (7:5). If it's 6:6 there will be a tie break.


So I'm having an issue getting arkanoid to work.

I'm on a mac using open emu with FCUE as the core. I also can use nestopia. I know I have to some how disable player two. Can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to do this race, but can't if one game is unplayable.


also, If there's a specific rom that works with out having to jump through those hoops... that would be great too.


think u need to change change mouse its by default

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Big 20 Race #3 happens Saturday September 5th at 1pm EDT (7pm CEST).

The game list will be announced on Wednesday August 5th (time TBA) -- the announcement will be streamed live on the BestOfNES channel:

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