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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
EdenalEdenal Chakan: The Forever Man (Game Gear) Any% - Wicked 0:18:00 GBP Link Year of Chakan
EdenalEdenal Chakan: The Forever Man (Game Gear) Any% - Wicked 0:21:00 GBA Link asdsadiuhsa iuheiqwuah dsouiyagh9 pi2dh20871t yh9agsd80uhasd8 ast 0d9as Grukk
EdenalEdenal Random Relay Reddit is kewl (Exhibition) 1:00:00 Link Because of pizzaz
FatzkeFatzke My Summer Car Pass the Inspection (Prev. versions) 10:00:00 Arduboy Link Memes bangerry, flicky
FatzkeFatzke video games memes (Exhibition) 5:08:00 Link semem
bangerrabangerra Trivial Pursuit Tony Blair% 299:51:00 Jaguar Link Because Tony Angela Merkel
FatzkeFatzke bang's bang house error% 5:08:00 GB Link asdasd
EdenalEdenal The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 75% 14:00:00 Arcade Link asdasdwa Grukk
PlanksPlanks Bayonetta 0:11:00 C64 Link Flicky in heels Bangerra, Flicky
PlanksPlanks Super Metroid Miniboss RTA 0:49:00 Arcade Link arbitrary category James
PlanksPlanks dodonpachi 1cc god run (Exhibition) 0:50:00 Link its amazing
PlanksPlanks SpongeBob's Boating Bash 0:16:00 GB EUR Link memes Edenal
FatzkeFatzke meme another meme 16:14:00 G&W EUR Link hello? ur mum
PlanksPlanks Shit Mese (Exhibition) 0:05:00 Link ???????????????????????? Edenal
PlanksPlanks Star Wars dank forces Still no auto complete on Mobile 340:00:00 GBC CHN Link AaaaasaaaaaAaaaasaaaaaAaaaasaaaaa 4
KrazyRasmusKrazyRasmus Psycho Fox Any% 0:30:00 SMS USA Link It'll be a great race with laughter and tears btrim