How to skip the final mini-game

By Silo_SimonSilo_Simon. Last updated

After taking the final picture, simply press the minus (-) button. This can be used in other parts of the game, although they are not useful for the speedrun in any way (that I know of). The minus button is basically the pause button, and pressing that when you are about to enter a cutscene or transition between game areas, this causes the game to glitch out for some reason. Usually this results in you ending up in a black void, or just simply crashing the game.

When using this glitch to try and skip other mini-games, you are able to skip them temporarily, but the game remembers to play them later, for whatever reason. But what's even more odd is that for the final mini-game, since the cutscene after the final mini-game is the credits, the game actually DOES skip the game, and finishing this cutscene brings this game to the game's end state. Once all of the cutscenes are over you no longer have the option to exit the pause menu, meaning you have indeed reached the end point of the game.