Practice Game Patcher

This program allows for BBHD to be patched into a speedrun practice state. This cannot be used for full game runs but allows the user to easily practice, otherwise tedious, aspects of the game. [Note: Only working on v1.0.1 Steam (Not cracked versions)] (external link)

By EllieEllie

Save Manager

A program to convert save files between players by injecting a given Steam ID into the encrypted file. (external link)

By EllieEllie


Main Game Runs Save File

This save file is in the perfect state to start any main game run. It is included inside of the Save Manager tool. (direct download)

By EllieEllie, EarllgrayEarllgray


Load Remover

A really simple asl script to pause the timer during a load (external link)

By EllieEllie

Split Icons

Split icons ripped from the world select screen (direct download)

By EllieEllie