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Hi all. 🙂 I have fixed the two categories for Any%, and created the rules for them. Let me know if there's any problems. I have spoken to Koh1Dendy personally, and he's fine with this. I will still make the main category Any% with no wrong warps, abbreviated as 'Any% (No WW)'.

One quick note to some who have asked: The turbo tunnel endstage skip we did prior to this is not a wrong warp. It's an endstage trigger, like the rat boot. You're still playing every stage from beginning to end, technically. That's why we've allowed the rat boot and the turbo tunnel skip in the 'Warpless' category for all these years, as we've never called them 'warps'. For that reason, I think 'Any% (No WW)' is suitable.

I don't mind 'no credits warp' as an alternative, but as one poster mentioned earlier, new things will likely be found in the future that might make the name of the category a bit of a mouthful. Say somebody discovers a skip that warps you from turbo tunnel to the beginning of stage 12. 'No WW' would cover that as well, whereas 'no credits warp' would not. I think the former best covers all we'd want to see separated from our main category. Let me know what you think.

Congrats to Koh1Dendy for the new Any%!

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Thank you for Congrats, JC! And for making that great tutorial for Battletoads

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