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I made a small script that might help noobs like me to get better at the game. It records your run and then plays it along on your next try. So it's kind of like a "ghost car" in many racing games.

Here are couple longer clips for demonstration:

It's quite fun to do IL practice with it since you see exactly where and how you lose/gain frames.

There's three different ghost models: Rash, wire-frame Rash and Mario. Normal Rash is quite distracting unless you turn down the opacity.

More info and download:

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Oh yeah, lvl 12 doesn't work properly at the moment. I haven't yet solved how the x-position works on that level. I just placed the ghost in a fixed location on that level. There's probably other bugs as well so let me know if you find any.

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I just have to say, WOW, that is really cool! Awesome job on this!



I think the same concept would work for a lot of 2d platformers so it's probably not too hard to port it for other games. All you need is the X and Y positions of your character and the screen, both relative to the level. If you know those, it's easy to draw the ghost in the correct spot on later runs.

The really annoying part was to retrieve all the different sprites in the game. I found 95 different sprites for Rash and I think I'm still missing some, lol.

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I'm impressed! This is useful for all levels of play.

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Cool, that's awesome to hear!

If anyone has any feature requests or ideas how to make it better, let me know and I'll see what I can do 🙂