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While I am new to the game I did put some thought into this and while it may not be helpful I thought to share it anyways.

I am not sure what game it is, though there are probably many games that can fit this description, but I am sure it is a common experience for a game to be played one way for so long that it establishes itself as a track. I see this as both respect to those who worked so hard for their times and to house a list of times that was played in the same way.

I think this is a great idea. Creating a new category in this case does seem like the right thing to do. If a new skip or warp was being found quite often and a particular way of playing the game did not pass into a tradition itself then creating a new category for every little thing would not be the way to go. But I think the main element is what constitutes as passing into a tradition. I also think it has to do with what percent of the game is actually being played, and how large of a difference is there between what is established and what is being proposed.

I am more of a traditionalist in the sense that I really do like the respect that is offered to a long list of performances that compete in a direct manner. I like preserving what used to be the main Any% category when it is proper to do so. I think Super Metroid does this by keeping Any% the way it had been played but then creating the Any% Glitched category.

I am certainly enthusiastic towards progress to an Any% category being that I included death warps in Journey to Silius. But when so much of the game is bypass with a wrong warp skip that turns a 12 min game into a 3 min game then preserving and retaining the main list is important, in my opinion.

And no matter how it is categorized, Huge Congrats to Dendy for all the hard work and the properly executed performance!

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The only reason not to make the split at "no turbo tunnel glitch" is to stubbornly hang on to a "legacy any% route" and it will only come back to bite you as you have to make the explanation of what is a "credits warp" and what is an "old tubo tunnel glitch" ever more specific. Look at the mess that is the ruleset for 11 Exit SMW, nobody who isn't a programmer can even understand what it's saying anymore, and only because people didn't want to let go off their cloud glitch PBs that by now are all obsolete anyway.
Either way, I'm not running Battletoads, so my opinion shouldn't have much weight, I just hope you think about it.

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I agree with this..if koh keeps finding new stuff like he mentioned it will become way more complicated to justify which run belongs to which category. I would have waited a little more to move the game to a new category. But it's not up to me.

That ruleset in 11 Exit states this: *More specifically, no letting the instruction pointer hit anywhere but ROM, open bus, and the intended RAM area ($7F8000-$7F8182), and no modifying the intended RAM area."


Thanks everyone for the Congratulation words!

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I found that this depends on "00F4" ram address. Like glitched cutscene will send you to the credit screen only if there is anything, but not zero in "00F4". So if someone gonna practice this on emulator then you can watch that "00F4" memory address. Like if you got any changes in "00F4" that's biggest part of getting glitch even if glitched cutscene doesn't appear

edit: maybe there is a way to get changes in 00F4 even without scrolling the stage at all. Like right underneath those islands where peoples usually get skip to the ice stage.

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