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Any% Category Rules: SDA Timing: starts when you gain control of the toad in level 1 and ends when you lose control after the Dark Queen fight (when the game cuts to Professor T. Bird's final dialogue).

Your run is probably going to moved to a new Category. "Any% WW" or something like that. And/or Any% to be renamed.

But besides that. WELL DONE. Very cool to see that it's possible RTA!


This is similar to SMB3 if you wanted to go that route. The credits warp became the new any% and the old route become any% (no wrong warp). In any event, pretty neat!


There should be a discussion on how to call the categories with wrong warp or no wrong warp, but I think those runs shouldn't coexist in the same leaderboard.


Ok but there is a big IF...i mean...isn't the turbo tunnel "ordinary" glitch a wrong warp itself?

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Yep! I think the same. This is technically should be the same glitch as regular turbo tunnel skip. As far as i know regular turbo tunnel skip it's all about spawning one particular object - that flash from the end of the revolution stage. And that "revolution flash" what causes game to start new level. In this run i just spawn some other objects (i don't even know what objects exactly), but those objects causes this effect of final cutscene pops up.

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Btw Koh congrats for doing this RTA..


Thank you! But there is almost no skill involve. I just did a lot of runs. Anyone who can do that part "where you die on bike without getting check-point" can do this glitch. For now it's just grind

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So what you're saying Koh is now we're all capable of beating Battletoads? Nice! Do you have your inputs or a description of how to do this written up anywhere or do you plan to do one? I'm pretty curious on the whole thing.

BTW garadas, you're right that the any% already uses a WW (a form of this same one even), so it might be strange to try to split those up somehow, although I guess just "no credits warp" would solve that if that's what they wanted to do. I'll let them make those decisions, it's just an interesting discussion. 🙂


Here is how to do it. Sorry for bad English

1. You have to use second controller to play as Zitz

2. You have to do that glitch where you grab bike and die before getting check point. Check JC's tutorial on how to do it.

3. After respawn you have to line bike's shadow with this black line on the ground:

4. Then you have to get that glitch where toad's die, but it didn't respawn and level keeps scrolling. To get that glitch you have to fall in some particular spot. It can be hard to do, because bike bounces randomly. I just found some set of jumps that works for me. You can try to do exactly the same. It's all about falling correctly into the pit in correct spot. Not about inputs.

5. You have to wait until level scrolls to the end and music speeds up. It doesn't matter if you press any buttons on any controllers while stage scrolls, EXCEPT pause buttons - don't touch those. If something happens before music speeds up (like background change colors, or there are some enemy sounds or something) than it means that you was too low on Z position (check 3)

6. If you do everything correctly, some time after music speeds up game start spawning random objects. Most of them are invisible or they are off screen. If you didn't press "pause" buttons whole stage then first object will be something that make that PSHHH vapor sound. So you can use music, or that PSSH sound or your score as cues when objects starts to spawn.

7. So the only thing that affects what objects will spawn - it's pause button. So you have to just randomly press it right before first object spawn, or after that pshhh sound. I don't know. Just randomly mash it. If you didn't get credit warp - try again. There are no setup for pauses yet.

So this can took like 1 try or 15 000 tries. So maybe it's still easier to beat Battletoads in a normal way.

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Just make a new category, Any%, and put this run in it. Rename the old category No Credit Warp. There, problem solved. This is what happens when a credit warp is found, it's not that big of a deal. There's no point in comparing this run with the others directly.

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While it's pretty much the same as the regular Turbo Tunnel glitch, I still think the Credits Warp should have it's own any% category. It's kinda like what happened with the Battletoads TASes in TASvideos; the credits warp category was turned into its own branch whereas the regular glitched category that only uses the glitch to skip the level in particular was kept as is.


Ok. BUT! I also found a setup to semi-consistently spawn stick on Arctic Caverns with Zitz and skip most of the walls. So, again, Zitz are barely faster than Rash, but x100 times harder to finish the run. What IF i (or someone else) put insane amount of work and get Zitz no wrong warp run that will be faster than Rash no wrong warp run. Would you put that run in some new shitty category, because you can't spawn stick with Rash and everyone else play as Rash?


just let the battletoads community talk this over and decide i´m sure they will come to a conclusion, and whitehat dont dip your nose too deep into this one mind your own business.

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I am allowed to give my opinion on whatever I please. Don't bring your unnecessary drama to this BadBrakes.

And I don't see how spawning a stick in Arctic Caverns would warrant a new category, that's a just a new trick in the regular run.

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I think there is no difference between "ordinary" bike skip and this credit warp glitch, so all runs with this stupid glitch should be separately. Please make Any% (Glitchless) category for normal people 🙂


"Would you put that run in some new shitty category, because you can't spawn stick with Rash and everyone else play as Rash?"
i guess not..that would be part of the same category as Rash's. imo of course


...and that would apply to any faster zitz trick in the "regular" run...assuming that your 3 minutes one is put in a new any% category. because it would meet those "kill the dark queen" requirements dxtr mentioned.

Of course just sharing my opinion, it's up to the community that actually runs the game.


Also, while messing around i respawned at Dark Queen's room once, but there was no Dark Queen. Maybe with ridiculous luck you can properly spawn in her room and maybe kill her Kappa

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