BattleBlock Theater Forum  /  cant get the game because a problem with steam

im a mac user and i want to run this game but i use 12.3 battleblock theatre is only compatible with 10.14 and under. steam says i need to download a different version so i can get 32bit games but it is the same application. Does someone no how to fix this? should i just ctr c ctr v this into a steam forum? i dunno.


Last time I used a Mac was before 10.14 so I'm not sure if there are any compatibility fixes to run 32bit apps nowadays (steam forum would absolutely be a better place for that), but you could use something like Boot Camp to boot into an older version of MacOS (or Windows) when you want to run BattleBlock, and then switch back again.
Or if your computer is good enough for it, maybe an old MacOS/Windows virtual machine in Parallels so you don't have to keep rebooting? I feel like Boot Camp would be easier but it just depends how impatient you are xD

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i'll try the boot camp