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Thread to discuss basic skips and glitches.

I'd like to know what is important for the force-ball-on-ice-to-glitch-through-the-wall-into-the-exit glitch at the very end of coop stage 7-9.
My mate and I were trying it a while and sometimes it worked but most of the time it didn't.
Is it important how far both players are away from each other, how close to the wall the boosted player is, must the boosted player stand up, jump or something similar at the very last moment, must the boosted player face a specific direction or move slowly towards or away the boosting player?
Or is it just pure RNG?


Wow, didn't even notice that tiny patch of ice when I was looking at it. Sometimes there's weird situations where the current action you are performing seems to alter your hit-box [assuming it's a hit-box thing] such as make it thinner. I'll get back to you when I am able to test this out to see if I can produce any results. The orb glitch on 6-1 in the ice section also has the problem sometimes where you don't make it through, so it'd be pretty useful to figure this out once and for all.


I never have problems with the orb in 6-1 (or 2-3 if that counts since it's horizontal as well). Guess it does have something to do with boosting oneself or boosting at a block instead of a player?


Regarding Backtracking skips, can someone list ALL of the SinglePlayer Levels with Backtracking skips, where you purposely skip checkpoints to spawn in the beginning.


FirePrism, For the 7-9 thing the important thing seems to be where the player getting boosted lines up on the block. The one using the energy ball just gets as close as possible and gg. You just crouch and nothing more, facing doesn't matter or anything like that; it's all about the setup really


Thanks Spatula, will give it a try.