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does he have Glitch?
does he have anything to know before starting to run ?

Thank you ) I Play on Gamecube


As far as I've seen, this game has quite a few glitches, most of them aren't helpful though.
There's skips you can do which were not intended but I'm not sure you can call them glitches.
Stuff like running past enemies who are meant to stop you or avoiding certain sections don't require you to break the mechanics, they just require you to avoid death essentially which is why I'm reluctant to call them glitches.
Just read the rules and check the other runs to get an idea of what to do, that's how I started running this game anyway.
You can skip the cutscenes if you watch them in the player first but I think you need to have completed the game in order to watch them from the main menu...or maybe that's a glitch with my emulator, I couldn't skip cutscenes despite having several completed saves until after I watched the cutscenes from the main menu.

TL;DR, no/limited glitches, other runners have optimized the run so take notes, beating the game before running is optimal.
Good luck!

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