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Forum: Devil May Cry 5

Thread: Why not individual levels per mission?

Started by: Zaknafein_MAZaknafein_MA

There's not really a demand for them, and perhaps not a single person has done and attempted to submit ILs for the game.

If this is something you want, then I would suggest working out rules and routes and communicate with a moderator to consider submission of it. They arent just gonna make an IL board thats just gonna sit empty and inactive because someone asked.

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Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: splits

Started by: PrimitiveDeathTVPrimitiveDeathTV

I can give you my Current splits that I use. They're pretty basic, but itll be later tonight.


Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: Questions about versions

Started by: Suika_1Suika_1

the PS2/PS4/PC remasters are all in the same category, and competitive with each other.

So, you can run whatever version you have. Just keep in mind the PC 2003 port, and obviously Genma are different versions, so submit accordingly.

If you have further questions feel free to join our discord, or DM us directly and we will help you out.

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid

Thread: The Future of Emulation for the Leaderboard

Started by: PlywoodPlywood

2B, if Im reading the options correctly. I think Emulation would benefit from being seperate from consoles, and also just goin in on streamlining the emulator to be the best version of the game that it can be.

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Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: Marathon

Started by: bathsaltedpeanutsbathsaltedpeanuts

I was thinking for the entire oni community and each game would just have its own channel in discord. Like how we do in the MGS community.

I've reached out to one guy so far. But I'm keeping it open to anyone that runs the game.


Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: Marathon

Started by: bathsaltedpeanutsbathsaltedpeanuts

Hey guys, so I got accepted into NASA2020 to run this. Tentatively June 6th around 130pm CST. Would any one of y'all be interested in commentating the run? It'll be ultimate mode on the PC remaster.

Second, I noticed we don't have like an overall Onimusha community, would you like me to make one to use across all games?


Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: Ultimate Mode

Started by: bathsaltedpeanutsbathsaltedpeanuts

Thanks for the input/advice. I had suspected what you said to be the way, I guess I was just kinda spitballin' on some other ideas of how to handle bosses. Ill do it that way from now on, since it should in theory be a free PB.

Thank you.


Forum: Onimusha: Warlords

Thread: Ultimate Mode

Started by: bathsaltedpeanutsbathsaltedpeanuts

What is the fastest strat for all the bosses in Ultimate mode?

As far as I can tell it's:

Ogre - Bishamon
Marcellus 1 - Bishamon
Doppel - I personally use Shippuu but I suspect Bishamon is faster
Heccuba - Shippuu
Marcellus 2 - Shippuu first phase, then Bishamon second phase
Fortinbras - I suspect Bishamon is faster since none of the weapons are upgraded, but Raizen is objectively safer and I suspect that if we level it up even once itll be faster with better DPS on him than any other weapon? However the time taken to level up Raizen to lvl 2, im not sure would wash out.

Levelling it up once wouldn't be out of the way, as long as you absorb the souls from all the bosses that drop them, and then use those souls after Marcellus 2.

Any input is appreciated.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

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The mod for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​hot_tin_roof hasn't been online in at least a year. Ive attempted contact with him, but the only means of doing so is through here, as all other links are dead.

I have a submitted a run for the game, which doesn't require verification, but I still think the board needs someone to monitor it and manage it. Opting for myself, since I'm the only one who has ran it in at least a year. Would also suggest removing the current supermod if possible, because what's the point if they're not active at all anywhere in the community.