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Category Restructuring Proposal
Florida, USA

Category Restructuring Proposal

-Preserving The “9-Inning Runs” as their own category. Categories would become 100% Single Game Victory and 100% League Victory. Added specifically to their rules would be the requirement for the game to go the full 9 Innings and prohibit use of the Slaughter Rule

-Creation of New Categories

New Categories would be the following:

Any% Single Game Victory – Win a Game with non-Custom Teams. Slaughter Rule Okay Any% League Victory – Win a League with non-Custom Teams. Slaughter Rule Okay Custom% Single Game Victory – Win a Game with Custom Teams. Slaughter Rule Okay Custom% League Victory – Win a League with Custom Teams. Slaughter Rule Okay

My run in the current “Single Game Victory” would be moved to the new Any% Single Game category. The current “Custom Teams” category would become the Custom% Single Game Victory category.

I feel that Baseball Stars, and its community, would greatly benefit from a restructure like this. As always, feel free to tell me how you all feel about this proposal and offer any thoughts you may have!


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North Dakota, USA

I whole heartedly agree with these proposals. I'm starting to practice this game myself to submit runs, and I don't think my slaughter rule run should overrule the folks that put in those 9 innings of work. It's a whole different playstyle and skillset.

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As far as the gauntlet goes. Ghastly Monsters are way better than World Powers. But I guess its about order on the list...

Florida, USA

I did indeed read this backwards. Oh boy. Anyway, yes, I agree that the Monsters are a better team and in my home notes they are in my gauntlet 5. It's been awhile since I looked at this, and when I have more time, I will deep dive it.

If you have any input for the spreadsheet, let us know! :)


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Florida, USA

I finally dug out my old computers files. I actually went really deep on the Monsters/Powers back and forth on this one, because I do agree that the Monsters are the actual "better" overall team.

However, The Gauntlet was intended to be done with a "maxed" team, more or less. Against a maxed out team, all of the things that each team does well are pretty much negated entirely, just outright, by your better team. Except for one thing. The Powers can still randomly smash homers, no matter how good your team is.

In the end, we went with the Powers over the Monsters for this reason.

I apologize that it took me so long to dig this up fully. :O