Any% in 25m 23s by Klutzleo - 6th place

Run was part of my backlog challenge found here: Decided to attempt a speedrun against KyhYang's times and this was the result!

Played on Nintendo Entertainment System [USA] on

Submitted by Klutzleo on

Verified by Super ModWhiteHat94 on

Name Duration Finished at
Mall 1 - Sports 0m 44s 862ms 0m 44s
Mall 1 - Toys 0m 49s 236ms 1m 34s
Mall 1 - Boutique 0m 48s 360ms 2m 22s
Mall 2 - Galleria 2m 40s 882ms 5m 03s
Mall 2 - Waterfalls 1m 24s 873ms 6m 28s
Mall 2 - Food Court 0m 46s 444ms 7m 14s
Mall 2 - Pizza 0m 30s 343ms 7m 45s
Mermaid - Coral Reef 3m 06s 026ms 10m 51s
Mermaid - City 0m 43s 216ms 11m 34s
Mermaid - Squid 0m 18s 711ms 11m 52s
Soda Shop - Soda 4m 35s 444ms 16m 28s
Soda Shop - Burgers 1m 39s 418ms 18m 07s
Soda Shop - Shakes 0m 32s 151ms 18m 39s
Juke Box - Inside 4m 09s 376ms 22m 49s
Juke Box - Outside 2m 34s 382ms 25m 23s