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Is HSV Adventure Racing accepted in this game?
It's basically just a palette swap.

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Yes, from what I've seen of that version, I think it's similar enough to the EUR / PAL version of BAR to be submitted to the leaderboards as such. I wish this website would let me add an "AUS / PAL" region to the dropdown, but that's not an option. Other options would be to create a completely separate page for HSVAR, or a separate set of leaderboards here, but I think that won't be necessary if there is indeed no difference from the European version, aside from car models and audio files.

If andypanther could give us a second opinion, I'd like to hear it, but I'd personally say that you can go ahead, and I'm surprised and glad to hear that someone is interested in running the Australian version of the game. The Australian and European runners we've had so far both own NTSC N64s and USA copies of the game, so every run on our leaderboards is from that region at the moment.

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There should be no problem with HSV Adventure Racing, it's really just a PAL version with different cars, to my knowledge. I actually do own a European PAL version, but never bothered to test how it compares to NTSC. It could very well be the case that PAL isn't even slower in terms of ingame time, as seen in many other racing games.

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I would think about getting into HSV Adventure Racing, it's the version of the game I know and love.

I bought Beetle Adventure Racing when I saw it cheap just to see what the difference was like, and I was put off by the commentator right away.
The Aussie one on HSV Adventure Racing is WAY better!

Even though I'm just about convinced it's the same bloke just putting on an accent.


"It could very well be the case that PAL isn't even slower in terms of ingame time, as seen in many other racing games."

So do we know if there is a difference between the PAL and NTSC games relating to time? Is PAL simply slower but in game clock is also slower to match? If so, does that not offer a slight advantage over NTSC players?
I only have the PAL game. I can have the NTSC game on the everdrive but my monitor doesn't display it correctly with very odd colours. Have never been able to figure out why. Stock PAL console with no region mods or anything and PAL S-Video cable


I've been playing the PAL version and it seems to run at the same speed but with a lower frame rate. There doesn't seem to be any competitive advantage or disadvantage but I've never played the NTSC version so I can't say for sure.


So I played both HSV and Beetle and there may be a big difference. Using the fastest top speed car available at the start in each version, the Holden clocks in at 245kmh max (easily tested on any ramp) whereas the equivalent beetle only got to 178.

While it is no barometer as my runs were wildly different (and I am not exactly an elite player), I did a quick time trial in these two cars on Coventry cove.

Beetle was 6:15"7xx
Holden was 6:16"1xx

To be fair, Beetle didn't "feel" much slower when playing but that being said, I played much more poorly in my HSV run (took a swim and smashed into a wall in that run). I do think it might warrant a further look from someone more intimately familiar with the game than I. I might give the NTSC version a go tomorrow just to double check - I know some games on N64 (notably Mario Kart 64) had to split times between PAL and NTSC and some games did not.


I believe the speedometer is different on HSV but the real speed isn't different from BAR

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