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1. Endless Incorrect Notebooks

All you need to do in the category is get as many failed notebooks as you can (Every notebook MUST have all 3 questions incorrect) You have to do it on Endless Mode. No restrictions.

2. Endless Secret Ending

Simply fail all 7 notebooks on Endless Mode with all of the questions incorrect. No restrictions.

3. 1st Prize

You just need to cut 1st Prize's wires as fast as possible. No restrictions.


1) an acceptable challenge. It would be really difficult since the curvature of speed is growth and not decay.

2) NOT POSSIBLE!!! By the time you reach 4 incorrect notebooks, Baldi should be moving at unbearable speeds (similar to 1.2)

3) 1st prize uses wires. Not ropes. That being said, I can see this going somewhere.


I meant wire. My bad.