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Thread: Hey guys, courtemanche437 joining in

Started by: courtemanche437courtemanche437

I cannot handle puzzle games well, nothing but respect to you for not only being able to play them but speed run them. I hope you have fun and set a few records!


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hey guys, Quick question.

Started by: b9kingb9king

Hey everyone, I'm Dante. I'm a Computer Science student that has a love for old, terrible, and obscure games.

With the introduction out of the way, I was wondering how I would go about posting runs for the game Swat 4. I want to break it up by mission, and then have a category for a 100% elite run. Would I just submit the 100% run first as it isn't a game that is listed on this site, or how should I go about that?


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Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

a little over 7 hours straight for "the bible game" for the GBA still waiting for that shit to be posted


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Thread: Looking for someone to comment runs!

Started by: YueYaibaYueYaiba

The discord name you put in is spitting out an error.

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