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I'm not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, and I don't do speedruns or anything, but I figured out how to get the Flamethrower without the RedCoat and the Drone Teleport without the Address Bomb.

Basically you need to grapple to the 2 square surface below the entrance to each of these places and then go up as high as you can on the grapple. Then start the swing animation but don't actually jump. When you are close to the ceiling in the animation dash up with the Trenchcoat and it will let you pass through the surface as it normally wouldn't.

Hopefully someone can implement this into a speedrun if it hasn't been already.

Have a nice day.


This has actually been known for a while, it's just not particularly useful in the current speedrun routes.

Flamethrower is only gathered in 100% categories and getting it without the Red Coat wouldn't save time.

Address Bomb has been skipped for a long time in any%, and you don't even need Grapple to do it - you can damage boost-teleport right through the corruption blocking off the Drone Teleport area with just the Trenchcoat.


Thanks for posting!
We've actually known about this for a while now. It was actually used in a few places to completely reroute 100% (that nobody runs). It can also be used to skip the Sentinel (only in 100%) which shaves off a good 30 seconds.