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What are the rules for submitting low%? Legit, 9/10% is lowest, but ZX and I just figured out how to do it in 6% with use of major glitches and abusing the passcode tool. Does that invalidate it for speed running?


Like the Rules stated, it's to finish the Game with as less Items as possible.
Only needed Items in the normal low% run are:
- Axiom Disruptor (Red Cannon)
- Nova (Pink Gun)
- Laser Drill
- Kilver (Electro Gun)
- Lab-, Trench- and Red Coat
- Drone
- Address Disruptor 1 & 2
- Drone Switcher (Tool to switch to the Drone)

I'm not aware of any other "major glitches", especially with the Password Tool.
Also, be aware speedruns are always done in speedrun mode. I know that there're some extra things in the story mode, but these won't appear since speedrun-mode only.


Thanks for the reply. I suppose I could make a video of how I did it in 6% and let you be the judge of if its valid or not?


Would be really nice since the Glitches you used may be useful for other Categories and Runners 🙂


Could u get the grapple and range nodes and clip final boss to kill him?