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Sup. Here are some things we could look into to help grow the community. In no particular order:

1. Create video tutorials for any% and 100% runs. I'm the only person running 100% right now, so I can do that one.

2. Figure out if AV is compatible with Hourglass so we can do some TASing

3. Create a video for World of Longplays, a youtube channel with about half a million subscribers. This could drum up some interest for the game. Info for video requirements are found in the topics here:

4. Are you guys still doing weekly races? If so, I/more people could join in. If not, the game is only about 40 minutes long, I'm sure we can figure out a way to race with some regularity.

That's all I got. Feel free to volunteer for one of these, or suggest your own.
The game is being released on several more platforms next month, which may bring a few more people into the community. I'm hopeful at least.
I'm getting back into running again. So expect more submissions from me in the next few days.


I'm coming back as well to pwn all you scrubs with okay times. Keepo.

1) All joking aside yes, video tutorials for any any% and 100% would be great. I'm willing to pitch in for the any% video as well as a series of trick-based tutorials.

2) I've never TAS'd before so I have no idea. I need to start looking into it.

3) WoL is a great idea and I would be down with that.

4) I do want to resume weekly races. Sooner than later (as in, next week) Not only that but some rotating challenges every month would be nice.

All in all, I want to get back into Axiom while maning another game in parallel so I don't get Axiom fatigue. This is my first serious top-tier speedgame and I realized if I overdo it I'm not helping myself. I'm coming for WR and will do a sub-hour run within the next week. I'm possibly going to ESA for a 4-way race so there's that too!

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I'll answere the questions as well i guess 😛

1. Tutorials are fine, but not really NEEDED imo. The strats in this game aren't hard, it's just a manner of surviving the run preety much. The once glitch (Infinite Drone) could be put into the guides and isn't complicated so ... idk. And you aren't the once 100% runner ... not at all O.o Me and Brother were doing it time to time, but I didn't like axiom that much in the last time and had no time for it as well.

2. If there're TASers who would like to do it I'm fine, but I won't start TASing the game my own. You can ask Metroid TASers I guess if they want to pick it up, but that's not really the point of the mods to do it.

3. I also don't think this Game needs attention in that kind. The best would be to show it in speedrun-events like we already plan/do, like it was shown in AGDQ this year and another Event I can't remember where GVirus was running it. When we get lucky, it'll be shown on ESA (Either a 2-3 way Race or solo) so I think that's enough.

4. Weekly Races worked out as we older runners had time. I have nearly no time at all to speedrun anymore (till july -_-) because of work, and the most other runner don't have time either or lost interest in this game. With that, only GVirus is still running the game activly preety much so ... yea ... doing a race with only 1 person is pointless.

I'm happy to see a new face in this "community" and will be looking forward to your runs 🙂

PS: This post is not something to make you down or something, it's just my point of view and I somehow tend to write stuff ... confusing for others I guess, cuz allot get mad at me 😮


Hey, thanks for welcoming me to the "community" but I'm not really new. I've been running on and off for like 6 or 7 months now. I haven't been very social though.

Not meaning to sound like I was trying to pawn some of this stuff off on the mods. Just seeing what people think, and seeing if anyone knows more than me on these things. I'm more than willing to do any of this stuff, but it's going to take a long time.

I might do a video tutorial any way, maybe for some of the more advanced stuff, like how to skip the sentinel boss in 100% runs. But we'll see. Like you, I'm also getting busier, and don't want to spend all of my free time on this one game.

But I'm still hopeful we'll get more people running on the future. Just trying to think of ways to grow.


I feel kinda bad that I haven't made really any strat information (though nobody has reached out to be fair) assuming I want more competition. I'm not sure I'm up for a full-fledged tutorial, but I think I have a lot to share for some of the more problematic rooms.

Right now I want to focus on finishing my current speedgame but assuming I finalize my ESA plans I'll be playing again in the next months for sure.

I'm not much of a speedrun race guy so I can't help you there.