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I'm MarthSR, your new moderator for this game.

Over the past months, there were a few things that I noticed, and felt like they needed to be addressed. As such, T3tsuya graciously accepted my offer to help out.

One thing that got brought up is the fact that several (if not most) runs were done with more than one coin, despite the fact that there was a 1cc rule in effect. While 1cc runs are fun challenges, they also gate speedrunning of this game for no valid reason. Therefore, the 1cc rule has been revoked. If there is demand for a 1cc category, I will gladly add that category alongside the existing ones. Plus, there's nothing preventing a 1cc run from being posted in the regular categories if your time is better. 2 for 1 deals are fun! 😃

Furthermore, I've also added subcategories for coop runs, as it wouldn't be fair to have 2 player runs compete against 3 player runs. So the two now have separate leaderboards.

That's it for now. Feel free to post in the forums should you have further suggestions.