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April 2022 Update


It's time for a maintenance update for AVP2. The community has been steadily running down times and achieving great heights in all campaigns. It's truly AVP2's year and I hope you're all well and staying safe, lets get right into the details.

April 2022 Updates:

- Updated Leaderboard Rules With Difficulty Settings Specifications As Well As Reorganizing The Main Rules Sections.

- Hardcore World Record Is Set For The Predator Campaign. (Thank you Diggity)

- Most Individual Level Records Are Set

Upcoming Updates:

- General Maintenance

- Detailed Video Guides For All Campaigns

Thank you for reading, we'll see you next month for the May 2022 update ❤️

- Zomb Slays

March 2022 Update

The March 2022 Update Is Here.

It’s been a while since we’ve last spoke so it’s time for an update!

AVP2 was in desperate need of a revamp and makeover since the increase of activity. The March 2022 update is as follows:

⁃Complete Leaderboard Design Overhaul And Aesthetic Change.
- Added 1st-4th Place Trophies To The Leaderboard.
- New Banner
- Other Aesthetics For Your Viewing Pleasure.
⁃ Autosplitter/Load Remover Beta Added To Resources.
⁃ Start Timing Updated To Reflect The First Frame Of RTA/IGT.
⁃ All Categories Changed To In Game Timing Along With All Runs Retimed.
⁃ Milliseconds Added To All Runs.
⁃ Main Rules Updated To Reflect All Category Rules And Timing.

These rules will be subject to change but more than likely will be our final modern update regarding rules and timing. Autosplitter updates and other minor changes will always be posted here, we appreciate your time.

Feel free to contact the moderation team if you have any questions or concerns ❤️

Happy Hunting.

- Zomb Slays

Leaderboard Updates

Documenting some changes to the boards:
- diggity (me) and MildGothDaddy added to the boards as moderators. Thanks to T3tsuya for being super cool and letting us work on the board!
- Renamed categories to not have Campaign, and renamed "Beat the game" to "All Campaigns".
- Reordered the campaigns according to their in game order (Marine, Predator, Alien).
- Removed the single segment subcategory.
--- Oskar's 36:09 segmented run was still on the board, but hidden due to variable issues. This run has since been rejected (since in modern times we do not host segmented runs) and added to the Historic Runs forum thread.
- Added difficulty subcategories (Easy/ Hardcore).
- Added ILs for each mission in the game (21, 7 for each campaign).
- Added a background (subject to change).
- Updated the Resources and Guides section with some information about running the game.

Much love! Any other changes will be updated here as they happen.

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