-Fixed a bug that was causing a few rogue sound effects to play at 100% volume, despite a user's SFX volume setting
-Fixed a bug that was not allowing players to select the "♥♥♥♥ it" option on the game over screen
-Fixed a bug that was causing some enemies to reset on screen.
-New difficulty added! Players who beat the game on Hard as Balls will now unlock the ♥♥♥♥ing Impossible difficulty
-Difficulty descriptions now properly represent the modifiers
-Added a few extra lives to Virtual Insanity
-Fixed an issue that was affecting some of the wall death blocks to be too forgiving on Virtual Insanity
-Slightly Increased Death M's health
-Fixed some minor grammar issues with text
-Attempted a fix that was causing some Linux users to experience a black screen at launch
-The game will now run in the background when you tab out of the game.
-Fixed a bug that would allow the helicopter to push players through a wall on Board James 1
-Fixed a bug that was causing some players to loose all of their "NERD" cartridge data
-Adjusted the “D” cart on Board James 3

New Achievements!
-Added achievement for perfecting 1 level
-Added achievement for beating the game on “Old School”
-Added achievement for beating the game on “Hard as Balls”
-Added achievement for beating the game on “♥♥♥♥ing Impossible”


It appears that the keyboard glitch hasn't been patched yet, nor has the issue in Board James 3 that breaks the game. It mentions that the deathblocks in The Tower are fixed, but this doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Cactus brought up that we cna now start moving in the levels before they load fully, this could lead to some new or strange cycles.


Unannounced patch from 3-4 days ago, noticeable differences:

1)the removal of a few breakable blocks in the 3rd sewer stage, didn't help much.

2)While you can move in the overworld, if you go to another stage to quickly it can freeze the game.

3)The dev did talk about making game load faster, this led to levels starting somewhat quicker (best example is the cat robot boss), some stages changing the global timing of stuff from the previous patch.

4) Dark Onward still broken, dies whenever he feels like it, in the sense that sometimes missiles hit him and he doesn't die.

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