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Earlier in the ATVOF leaderboards, there were runs that included doing freestyle and having a very convoluted method of timing that I really didn't think was clear as the racing championships. As of now they are removed until a later date. I have talked about this issue to admins.

My desire is to leave the racing championships across all games the same (having in-game time be the primary timer, and real time being secondary), but as for the Freestyle, and All Gold Trophy runs i would like having real time be used predominantly and in-game time as secondary (or not at all). The main reason for this is because freestyle runs do not give a true in-game time.

Before I brought this to the Admin's attention, on October 15th 2016, Lighnat0r asked if people had any timer-related issues that needed to be addressed in a coming update of ( I told him my dilemma and he said a fix for my issue is already in development! (

So until this update arrives, Freestyle will not be included in the leaderboards just for simplicity reasons.