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1) I would like to run the psp version of the game which is different than the ps2 version but also different than ds. Basically there appears to be no category for it. Is there any chance one can get added?

2) Are emulators allowed? My psp is currently broken and in the process of being fixed, just curious.


Hey! I´m a GBA runner personally and i´ve been using emulator for a while. But from what i suspect, I think you can do in the regular Any% leaderboard. But maybe it is best if you could talk to other people in the Avatar community mainly people like Neo53 and other mods, I will try to reach out to him if you want to!


My problem is that Any% (I assume) is for ps2. The psp and ps2 version are different in the same way that ds is different than ps2. So I'm just curious about that.

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I just added a PSP category so you could upload your run.
About PSP emulators.
If the other moderators are okay with it, I do allow PSP emulators for this game

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Now that we are mentioning emulator related stuff, is GBA emulator allowed as well? Been running on it for a while 😃