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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
seckswrecksseckswrecks A Mortician's Tale Any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link It won't go anywhere else
JabukahnJabukahn SLAYTHECUBE win% 0:01:00 Web USA Link It's short and sweet and could be easily implemented into the marathon.
RazorflameRazorflame DemonCrawl All Quests (Casual, Random, No HDF) 0:55:00 PC USA Link DemonCrawl is an insane combination of RPG, Puzzle, and Roguelike that is really a treat to watch. At high levels, the amount of brain power and thinking required is off the charts as you have to think fast and be able to deal with what is given to you. This is one of the most interesting games that I have literally ever played, and I really would enjoy showing it off at this event :)
JabukahnJabukahn A Story About My Uncle NoFling 1:00:00 PC USA Link It's a cool game
JJJJ Universal Paperclips Any% 3:00:00 PC USA Link Interesting premise! A great game worthy of showing off. Photosensitivity warning
warm_hamwarm_ham UTOPIAS: Navigating Without Coordinates Showcase (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link Another world is possible
SarthTheSnekSarthTheSnek 10 Beautiful Postcards any% 0:18:00 PC USA Link Next game by thecatamites, this features a character wanting to take a break and sleep at all the hotels and get postcards as a souvenir.
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon Beat the Game 0:10:00 PC Link weird little semi-meta-game released on april 1st. a silly little piece of fun in the form of a top-down shooter that the developer promises will change your life (it will) and enrich your world (it will also do this)
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon Infini Showcase (Exhibition) 0:45:00 Link a thoroughly bizarre puzzle-game involving screen-wrapping and camera manipulation. abstract concepts are personified by strange characters as the fallen angel Hope attempts to escape Infinity and return to Reality. i mentioned at the beginning and end of the video but it's worth stating here for clarity: the estimate for this is flexible, and can be longer or shorter based on what's required or a best fit. i would go between half an hour and an hour (1:15 absolute max), but i've picked 45 minutes as the best all-rounder to demo the game without revealing all of its secrets. it's a cliche but i don't think i've ever played a game like this, both in gameplay and presentation. epilepsy warning (i imagine this will be in place for the whole marathon but it's worth mentioning)
dirigitivedirigitive They Came from a Communist Planet Showcase (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link Bug aliens help bring forth the communist revolution.
dirigitivedirigitive The Ballad of the Metamorphosis of M. Dolly Showcase (Exhibition) 0:03:00 Link Interactive Kafka-esque music video
warm_hamwarm_ham New Jersey Transit All 3 Endings (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link gotta give some love to the "trashgame" scene
catcatcatcat catcat's mystery block 2020 5-ish games (Exhibition) 1:30:00 Link 2020's hottest mystery block this is basically a placeholder lmao i swear i do have games
warm_hamwarm_ham Equaboreal 12.21 Showcase (Exhibition) 0:10:00 Link just look at it
ROTFLandminesROTFLandmines Emily is Away Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link EiA is a unique look back into the early 2000s. Itll remind you immediately of the nostalgia from the Windows XP look, to its computer chugging sounds in the background. If you had AIM as a child, you'll remember this game fondly!