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killingpepsikillingpepsi Flywrench Any% (Helmet Mode) 0:30:00 PC USA Link 30 minutes of unadulterated action. Story takes a back seat to INSANE PLATFORMING ACTION. Awesome!!!! (You know this game so I don't really need to explain it). Viewers won't know what to think about this high-octane gameplay. I certainly don't.
TBA_aroTBA_aro About Face Full game% 0:10:00 Web USA Link This game has never been run at a marathon. So I would love to see it in action at amarathon by yours truly. The best part is there are so may cool things about this game with NO RNG!
TBA_aroTBA_aro Mario Combat Any% Glitchless 0:05:00 Web USA Link Mario Combat is a very bizarre game that nobody has heard of. However There is a glitch called tab swaping which warps the player to different areas. So I can not use these glitches.
seckswrecksseckswrecks Diaries of a spaceport janitor Trash 0:30:00 PC USA Link You can eat trash from the floor and get cripplingly dysphoric until you take some gender mods. 30 minutes isn't enough for the whole game but it's about as long as I can keep it entertaining
warm_hamwarm_ham CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET. Episode 0 (Exhibition) 0:35:00 Link UHHHHHHHHH
TBA_aroTBA_aro Run 3 Main tunnel New Game+ 0:20:00 Web USA Link I like this game. But I feel it is not the perfect speedgame to play at a marathon due to thhe nature of the game. This is mostly a backup run. PS. My run was done on IOS but I will do it on PC.
TBA_aroTBA_aro About Face Loop% 0:07:00 Web USA Link This is the other more popular catagory of about face. I feel that since it is more of a fan favorite. Then it should be showed off here
CountGoobyCountGooby Tomena Sanner All Stages 0:20:00 Wii USA Link I don't know how to describe this game. It's just a really bizarre game.
CountGoobyCountGooby Let's Tap Tap Runner 0:25:00 Wii USA Link This is a game you control by tapping a box with a Wii remote on it.
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon EPONYMOUS Any% 0:10:00 PC Link EPONYMOUS is a creepy lo-fi exploration game. it has the subtitle "In Which A Work Is Known By Its Reading", and its general premise unfolds as you play (although it's really hard to understand tbh, but weird obtuse stuff is perfect for this marathon, right?). you walk around, collect upgrades that allow you to access new areas, and generally take in all the uncanny-valleyish sights.
Sean_ASean_A Shooting Block 20XX Showcase (Exhibition) 1:00:00 Link 1 hour of pure art shooting, 3 unique shooting experiences
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon Commune Corvidae Commune Tour (Exhibition) 0:25:00 Link this is a lo-fi exploration game about a Corvid returning on a pilgrimage to the land that was once ruled over by their fascist forebears. the video linked is my speedrun of this game, which is the basic route i'll probably take through the world, but i want to show off more of the lore and the npc interactions instead of skipping them. a relaxing and touching tale of a recovering community.
seckswrecksseckswrecks Vr nonsense VR NONSENSE BLOCK WITH SXRX (Exhibition) 1:00:00 Link I spent 2 grand on a hmd and a laptop to run it and by gum I'm gonna use it
seckswrecksseckswrecks Regular reality nonsense Sxrx scratches the itch (Exhibition) 1:00:00 Link I like games from itch You like games from itch
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon PONY MOUSE In Which a Dream Is Known by Its Waking (Exhibition) 0:05:00 Link a companion piece to EPONYMOUS, this would comprise of a small tour throughout the spaces in this game and a look at how they degrade as you keep exploring. the video link is just a link to the game's page, that'll show you basically everything you need to know. please note that the game has a content warning for gore but i couldn't spot any when i played it, and if it is there it's quite low-res. still, though, worth a mention.
rarelikerarelike Glitchhikers Twitch Plays Existential Chat% (Exhibition) 0:20:00 Link This is very Art Game™. Take a cozy drive, pick up a few hitchhikers, and have deep conversations with them. Could be a pseudo Twitch Plays by doing a strawpoll in chat for every question prompt since different answers won't change the outcome anyway... I think. Video link is to the official trailer. Will need an assistant to manage chat polls/message me results.
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon BurgerWave burger (Exhibition) 0:30:00 Link a short game about lobbing a hamburger down a half-pipe in a vaporwave world. this one's slightly more memey but it's also a genuinely cool game. video is the trailer because it tells you everything you need to know
warm_hamwarm_ham Painted Tomb Reach The End (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link No clue
warm_hamwarm_ham Sacramento Wander around for a bit idk (Exhibition) 0:10:00 Link uh
cleverpidgeoncleverpidgeon Laraan Playthrough (Exhibition) 0:35:00 Link Laraan is a low-poly, sci-fi retelling of the story of Noah's Ark (albeit with a fair bit of artistic liberties taken). you play as the Noah figure (called, uh, "Zoah") and collect shiny glowing rocks to give them to God. mechanically it's a bit janky but the world is pretty cool to show off, and its atmosphere and story are pretty unique.
TohlooTohloo Donut County Beat the Game 0:42:00 PC USA Link Because donut is high art