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ARPGME 2019 has concluded after 3 days of Action filled RPG's.
Azure Dreams Race Finale was super hyped and exciting to watch and have happen.

If you have any good or bad feedback to give us about the marathon. What you liked or disliked or anything else that comes to mind so we can make sure we can improve on what did and did not work out so well.

What runs did you enjoy the most during the weekend?

Hope that ARPGME 2020 will be just as good if not even better then the other years.

~ MASH ❤️

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Really liked the event, the way it was organized was really nice and I'm glad you went to other game's Discord servers to advertise it, otherwise I wouldn't even know about it. The people here were also nice.

One downside that I have no idea if you can change is the RTMP server connectivity. I'm from Europe, so obviously, there's gonna be some delay, but my upload speeds were totally off compared to the speedtest to other NA servers. Next year, I'd like to join with different games (for Fallout 1/2, it doesn't really matter I used much lower bitrate) and it would be unfortunate to find out that the game looks very bad because of low bitrate or that it is choppy because of frame drops. But again, no idea if there are any solutions to this. Maybe it would be possible to re-stream an unlisted YouTube stream (public streams are probably not best because it could leech off viewers, the other solution would probably be 2nd RTMP server, but that's probably too complicated.

But I'm really glad I could be here and really enjoyed watching and running. Souls runs were the ones I enjoyed the most.

Good luck with ARPGME 2020 🙂

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I can only really post from the runners side of things due to me being quite busy during the actual event.

But yourself and the staff seemed to be on top of things (from the discord messages and what not) and set up was quite easy for streaming and it was a really chill setting to be in. The chat seemed really nice and the event was a great watch. as a runner I would definitely want to submit games to you guys again in the future.

Also as Wafu pointed out, you advertising in other discords helped spread the marathon (and even reminded me that I had a race coming up) So thanks for that.

Best of luck with future events. 🙃

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It was very enjoyable being a part of this marathon and I definitely encourage both seasoned and new runners to join the welcoming atmosphere. The technical details running in the background were handled professionally as always and it seems like everybody who was worried about stage fright before the run had a good time in the end.

Props to MASH and all the other staff who put lots of effort into making this event a reality once more and I'm looking forward to the runs making it to YouTube as well as the upcoming marathons. Time to dig up something new to submit by then!

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You will always have the honor of being the marathon that I did my first ever speedrun during, so I just wanted to lead with that, as it will always be a milestone.

In terms of the event itself, everyone that I was directly involved with during the event was extremely welcoming to a new runner such as myself, and overall, it created an atmosphere of positiveness that helped carry me throughout my entire run.

Everything about the event from a behind the scenes perspective was handled professionally and everyone involved seemed to be on top of everything, including trying to get additional runs so that we could get this marathon off the group to begin with.

Huge thanks and props to MASH and everyone else involved with the event for making it such a fun and uplifting experience for all the runners, and especially all the new runners, such as myself.

The only negative I have to say about the event is that I think it might be too niche of a type of speedrun in order to get three full days worth of runs, and I wouldn't want to see this event not be able to happen in the future because of a lack of submissions, so I think maybe expanding it out a little to possibly include another subset of RPGs, such as tactical or strategy RPGs would help make it a bigger, better event for next time.

The other negative I have is that maybe another reason that we almost did not have enough submissions to cover the entire event is because the timing of it wasn't at a good time where you could get enough submissions. Possibly moving the dates next time might help increase the overall amount of submissions next year.

Overall, was a wonderful marathon to be a part of, and I hope to be a part of it again next year!

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