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ARPGME 2020 submissions are now open as of April 6th, and will close April 27th.

ARPGME is an online marathon for Action and or Role Playing games that commonly share mechanics between both genres.

This year we would like to explore and showcase other games that may not exactly be as dominate in the mentioned genres but share some mechanics that you may see in many ARPGs.

The simple Criteria is as follows:
- Is this game Action or RPG focused? (excluding its other main genres)
- Does submission video showcase quality commentary?
- Is the game interesting to others that may not know it?
- Is there any form of progression mechanics?

This new 4-point system will help us when scheduling for the marathon and allow for other games or types of submissions to better the variety this time around.

Examples of games that meet the system:
Diablo, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Dark Souls, Fallout, Monster Hunter,
Bordlerlands, Mass Effect, Zelda, Dungeon Siege, Chrono Trigger,
System Shock, Dragon Age, Kingdom Hearts, BioShock, Pokemon,
Mana Series, Gothic, Castlevania, Parasite Eve, Darksiders, Devil May Cry.
This is just a small list of games for a reference.

Is there an aweful game that you think is funny or good in some way?
Submit that bad puppy and lets have others enjoy it with you. ❤️

There is rumors there may be a blind race during the marathon,
We will let people know more about this and for signups closer to the marathon.

If you have any questions or other concerns feel free to contact MASH or Dale via any of our socials or over at the NASA Marathon discord.

See you online on May 8th!

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Did submissions close early? I thought we'd have a few more hours, and I wanted to submit one more game.

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Submissions closed midnight @ 12 EDT.
If anyone wants to toss in a few more then they can pm/dm myself or Dale.

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Runners that have submitted to the marathon will be contacted within the next while as we sort through the submissions and have a draft of games and somewhat of a schedule started.

Please check your PMs on the site here as we will use it for primary contact.
Alternatively if you have submitted please join the discord server as this is where we will be organizing everything going forward and remaining in contact with you.

Thank you again to everyone that submitted to ARPGME 2020.
Looking forward to a stellar weekend.