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While ARPGME may be over, we would like to hear about the marathon from everyone who either watched, preformed a run/showcase or even helped out.

This year we tried some new things compared to previous years, so we would like to know what did or did not work so well, how gethings felt in general when it came to presentation and maybe things to look at in the future.

This year we ran the entire marathon setup remotely and used some automation thanks to tools like Nodecg and Speedcontrol. While our use and implementation was a bit barebones it did the many things we found in previous years to be time consuming or easy to forget.

Having a team is very important when running events regardless of size or length, everyone being able to help with certain things or with just running the event when others after not available is key to making things happen. So thank you to those that were part of that with me.

So with that said please express your feedback positives and negatives, so we can look at what to focus on for the future.

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A lot of fun!

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I agree, it was a lot of fun! There were a lot of cool games scheduled and great commentary.

Moving to the automation approach looked like it made the layouts and runner/game information displaying a lot more fluid. Nice addition to the marathon.

Sometimes the stuff on the screen tried too hard to fill the gaps, but for the most part, text and stream layout was good.

Would love to see more integration with Nodecg in a future marathon and cool ways to showcase games during the stream!

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