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ARPGME does not have a very strict guideline set to follow but all submissions should adhere to the minimum to be considered for the event.

New to how submissions will work;

Submissions will be done in phases, This will allow myself and the others looking through them to get this done quicker for the final selections list before the event.

Submission periods for each of these phases will last approximately a month. If you submit during one of these phases and you submission does not get in, you can by all means resubmit it if you choose to.

Now for the actual guidelines for submissions,
All submissions should adhere to the majority of these requirements;
- Character development.
- Emphasis on real-time combat.
- Item and or ability progression.
- Story-line or arch progression.

These are just the base ones that we would generally be looking at, this does not mean everything some games may have more or less of these elements but offer other ones as well but the biggest one that we will be looking at the most is the Emphasis on real-time combat in games.

Here is a quick list of examples of games that fit within the ARPG definition and with our's;
Borderlands, Zelda Games, God of War, Hyper Light Drifter, Diablo, Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, Torchlight, Mana Games, Dungeon Siege, Metroid, Vampire Bloodlines, inFAMOUS, Sacred, Mass effect, Baulder's Gate, Kingdoms Of Amalur, Bloodborn, Dark Souls, Bastion, Dragon Age, Horizon Zero Dawn, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex, Darksiders, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Order of Ecclesia, Portrait of Ruin, Symphony of the Night.

These are not the games we are looking for but just as an example.

Submissions for Races or other format types please indicate so.
Feel free to submit multiple categories for the same or multiple games.

This is a showcase setting so we are not looking for the best runners, rather we are looking for interesting runs or runners that make it a relaxed and or fun time for all.

If you have questions about this feel free to ask.
Looking forward to the submissions and to the event slated to be held in Early May this year of 2018!

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Submissions will be opening today at 12 PM GMT approximately 3 hours from now.
And will run for the first phase till end of March 18th !

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Once first phase of submissions end A new one will start shortly afterwards.
If a run does not make it in past the cuts, you are allowed to resubmit it.
Keep in mind the final list will be decided closer to the date of the marathon and as it is currently looking it will be in the first week of May. So keep that in mind as well.

Submission periods while they will go about a month each, will be done faster then waiting for a giant list which would make it allot more work overall with fewer people working on things. Also will let us know if we are gonna shoot for more then just the 3 days of that weekend.


Submissions will go till mid April as opposed to mid March.
Just as an update. And the Online Marathon will take place between May 4th and 6th weekend.
If we get enough submissions we may increase its length and start sooner then the 4th but that will depend on the quantity and quality of submissions. Thank you to all those that submitted thus far.


There was a small issue where submissions were closed for a brief period earlier today they are still open tI'll mid April. Sorry for any confusion.


Submissions are still open till mid April.
I will be putting up the confirmation form for runners in the coming weeks once I get most of the games list going. The marathon will take place May 4th weekend online and be streamed on the Nasa Marathon channel.


Submissions are still open but will be closing in in next few weeks. So if you have not submitted yet do so soon. I'll be getting the confirmation form ready with the current games list soon.


Submissions are finally closed as I finish up the wip games list and schedule draft for the marathon. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Looking forward to the marathon the coming May 4th weekend.