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Here is the full submission list for ARPGME 2018 and which games were selected this year.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful submissions yet again.
It was very hard to go through the submissions and make the picks but I think we got a fairly strong line up again this year.

If you have a run that is marked Green or Yellow please make sure to confirm your availability for your runs no later then May 1st!

Confirm your run(s) and Availability here:

For everyone else I very much appreciate that you submitted and would hope you do again next year. I will always look to mix things up and have a variety of stuff for everyone so things will not always be the same. If we do end up with spots opening up because of dropped runs or no shows I will let you all know in the Discord about possible time slots to get your run in if we can.


Schedule draft will promptly follow, so please make sure to confirm your availability ASAP.

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